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"I have only one regret about my experience, and that's not coming here sooner for my previous services. The guys did great work and have definitely earned my future business. "
By: Michael    Austin, TX

"Thanks to Brian and Darius for providing fast professional service on my CBR1000. Both guys were very friendly and knowledgeable. I think you have a great shop and I will be sure to tell all of my M/C friends. I will definately be a return customer. Thanks again! Scot Spangler"
By: Scot    Lakeway, TX

"I recently moved here from Albuquerque. I needed several modifications to my new CBR600 to prepare it for the track. Cycle Nation was highly recommended for personalized service. The guys there were AWESOME. I will be coming back to them for all my service work and parts."
By: Henry     Austin, TX

"As a discerning female, it takes a lot for me to gain trust in anyone, esp when it comes to the things that are the most dear to my life. My new 2012 Honda CBR250R with ABS is equilivant to the experience of having a new born infant. The concerns and emotions are the same esp the depth of love for it, which is unfathomable.Today it was in the hands of Cycle Nation...... I began my research over a year ago on who I wanted to handle my 250. I did extensive research on many dealerships and motorcycle repair shops. After coming into Cycle Nation, I had a very positive feeling. My first experience was with Brian, who is humble, warm and an experienced professional racer. He knew I was a new motorcycle rider and made me feel comfortable with my amateur questions. I told him I wanted a pair of discontinued white alpine star race boots that were almost impossible to find. He looked through his catalogues and in his online sources for over 30 min and found them for me. He was even going to get them for me a much lower price. Prior to this, I had gone to several larger dealerships and motorcycle apparel stores and they said they weren’t available and to choose something else. This is just one example of why my search ended here. Almost a year had passed since I was last in Cycle Nation. I called a few days before I purchased my 250 and only said a few words and Brian remembered me. He was just as I remembered him, understanding, considerate and committed in making sure my needs were met. Today my needs were fully met. I left my new Honda CBR250 in their hands and it was well taken care of. The service manager and technician, Daruis Mcnabb, was unbelievable. I had a custom lowering link put on my motorcycle at my dealership after they took it out of the crate. The service guys at the dealership didn’t lower the front of the bike correct. Darius also found other imperfections of their work and corrected them. He installed frame sliders and removed my side stand to weld it down to adjust to the new bike height. The side stand looks brand new. My bike feels amazing, sturdy and balanced. This wasn’t the case when I left my dealership. Right after they lowered it at my dealership I sat on it and knew something didn’t feel right. They assured me they lowered it like they were supposed to. I felt afraid and anxious to ride it. It bothered me so much I woke up during the night for a few nights worried about it. After bringing it to Cycle Nation, I feel excited and more confident to ride it. Daruis is really a miracle worker. I love my motorcycle more than anything and take me a lot to let anyone near the things that are the dearest to my heart. Cycle Nation has proven themselves to be the absolute best and most qualified in handling my new 250 all aspects of my motorcycle needs. I am deeply grateful to them."
By: Chloe    Austin, TX

"Great shop- Super staff- Awesome prices- Wish I would have found them sooner! David- North Austin"
By: David    Austin, TX

"Just found out about this place from my neighbor. stopped by and met the staff. I was very impressed and will be back for parts and service. Sal"
By: Sal    Leander, TX

"I brought in an old bike that had not ran in years, I had replaced many of the components and even gotten it to fire a few times. I was fairly certain that the issue was in one of the carbs. I talked to the shop mechanic and he agreed so I had him install a replacement carb. Much to my surprise he was finished in less time and for a lower cost than was estimated. I highly recommend yall and am glad to support local business."
By: David    Leander, TX

"I went to Woods Fun Center to order a few things two or three times and also to have them clean my carb on my TTR 250 and always received horrible customer service either in person or on the phone. After bringing my bike to your mechanic I found out that my bike would not run properly because when they worked on my carb they installed a part upside down. Horrible customer service to have them screw up my bike. I will never steep foot in Woods Fun Center again because or there horrible customer service. Your mechanic did a great job and when I brought it back to him because of a small problem I was having he took care of it right away no charge. You now have a customer for life. Anytime I need anything I will be coming to see you due to a great mechanic and staff that knows how to treat customers. "
By: Lawrence     Austin, TX

"It's about time we get a shop with the knowledge and service that you provide. It's nice to deal with the same people that know your name and your bike when you walk in the door. You have a great selection and always get the parts needed next day if you don't already have it. Look forward to long relationship with me. "
By: Ryan    Cedar Park, TX

" Great dealership, honest and fair. Clive and the guys take time to understand what you are looking for and have the knowledge to answer all your questions. Support your local small business owners, their prices were better than the local Big dealers."
By: Bryan    Lakehills, TX

"Great place to do business with and Clive is great. Support your local shops, this is a great one."
By: brendan j    Austin, TX

"Thanks for the easy ordering on gear and bike parts, the store looks great! Now I know where to get gear that other retailers do not carry ie. Fly, Gaerne boots, etc, and thanks for bike parts suggestion on buying quality parts that will last longer, may cost a little more but worth it."
By: Levi    Cedar Creek, TX

" Thanks for the help locating and getting my parts (clutch parts)and installing them properly and promptly. The bike feels bad-ass again and more importantly my kids aren't passing. Brandon age 9 loves the KX you guy's set up for him #19 C U @ the Track! "
By: James    Austin, TX

"I starting buying parts here the day they opened. Parts manager is very knowledgeable. If they don't have what I need in stock they have it in most cases the next day. I have met all the staff and they are friendly and now there stuff. We needed a good parts dealer on this side of town. Great Place!!!"
By: Anonymous    Leander, TX

"Nice job on the shop!! You have a better inventory than some of the mega-stores. Keep up the great work!"
By: Stu    Austin, TX